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Brawl Stars is Supercell’s New Game : How To Play

Brawl Stars is another title from Supercell, producer of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans which puts you in charge of soldiers, teams, and fight for their gems in large territories. The game is available for Android and brings multiplayer in real time.

If anyone had any doubts about Supercell’s quality of games, even with titles such as Clash Royale on the market, the producer innovates once again by bringing the Brawl Stars adventure, again focused on multiplayer but with unprecedented gameplay.

This is a kind of battle royal for six players where the detailed graphics with cartoon looks, the reflections, the speed of action and also the level we get with our “brawlers”.

Brawl Stars Gameplay:

In Brawl Stars, you must control a soldier, a common unit who shoots his weapon in his hand while cooperating with his team to beat the opposing team. The game allows you to unlock different characters, according to Clash Royale but with a different scheme, from direct rewards to matches.

Each character has their unique ability, as well as specific blows or level of power. From a distance, it resembles a shooting game. But with isometric vision, that is, with the camera at the top level, similar to old RPGs and classic action games.

You can also play by yourself, exploring maps and collecting benefits. The game has all the look and style similar to other Supercell games but with unprecedented design, without using the same characters. The only major problem is getting used to the controls, which are not so good at first, but easy to learn with proper training.

Best things of Brawl Stars:

  • Funny multiplayer
  • Many characters to choose from
  • Animated graphics
  • Fairly general content

Brawl Stars – A New Game by Supercell Game Developer:

Brawl Stars game will launch in the month of December 2018 and it has following 4 game modes:

  • Bounty: What matters is collecting as many stars as possible.
  • Smash and Grabe: In this mode, the first team to conquer the ten crystals from the map center.
  • Heist: This mode will help to break the opponent’s defense to catch and leave with the serve.
  • Showdown: Ten players are thrown into a slowly declining arena. Beat the only Brawler to spare.

Brawlers can be unlocked and enhanced with game coins, chips, and elixir. Items won with victories or purchased in the store. According to the page of the App Store, this game has a regional and local ranking and this game can also be played alone.

Brawl Stars by Supercell game is launching soon for Android but only in the soft launch format. This will be available in a few countries. Initially, Brawl Stars is available in a select number of territories.

It is to be expected that the compatibility will be extended as Supercell verifies that the servers will withstand the excessive load that the Android players suppose. We will update as we know more news about this newly launching Brawl Stars, which is one of those games that promise fun for a while.

But some movement must be being done to meet the fans of the whole world.

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