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If you have a smartphone, you probably already know about Supercell game. This game is launched in June 2017. It has become a fever in a short time, and today is one of the main mobile games played in tournaments and championships around the world.

But the developer does not want to stop there and recently opened the pre-registration phase for her new promise of success, the game Brawl Stars.

We do not have an official release date yet, but the company has already confirmed that the global launch will take place in December 2018.

And Supercell promises a gift for the first 2,000,000 players who make the prior registration: An exclusive look by Shelly Estilosa at the launch of Brawl Stars.

Following are the description of this new game which is officially published by the developer.


  •  Scrambled multiplayer battle from the same creators of Boom Beach, Clash Royale, and Clash of Clans.
  • You can battle alone or with your friends in countless game modes in less than 3 minutes. Unlock and enhance several powerful Brawlers with phenomenal super-attacks. Collect unique visuals and stand out on the battlefield. Join a gang or create one with the friends to share fight and its strategies.

Battle in various playing modes:

Pickle (3 × 3): Form a group and use effective strategies against the opposing team. Hold and collect ten gems to win. If you get knocked out, you lose the gems!

Combat (Alone / Double): A “all against all” survival battle. Do not forget to collect tonics for your Brawler. Alone or with your friend, bet the last Brawler to triumph in the most chaotic survival battle. The winner takes it all.

Star hunters (3 × 3): Defeat opponents to win stars but do not let them catch you. The team which has the most numbers of stars will be the winner.

Robbery (3×3): Protect your team’s safe and also try to open the opponent’s safe. Explore the map to infiltrate, detonate everything and make your way to the enemy’s treasure.

Ball Brawl (3×3): This is a completely different feature. Take up your football fever and score 2 goals before your opponent team does. Enjoy this to the fullest as there is no any red card here.

Special Events: Protect your vault against a multitude of Robots in cyber chaos (player x bot) or face the boss in the all against one.

Unlock and Better Brawlers:

Collect and enhance countless Brawlers with incredible SUPER attacks, use points power to conquer new levels and do not miss to collect unique visuals.

Become a Star Player:

Step up to regional and local leadership to prove that you are the best Brawler ever.

Improving Always:

Keep an eye on every new Brawler, maps, game modes, special events, and visuals that come along while you are playing this game.

Do not miss to get this game as soon as it is available on the web. Brawl Stars will be available for free in App Store as well as in Play Store.


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