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Are you a lover of games? Or are you the type of person that enjoys multiple combat games? Then this is the best game for you. Brawl Stars is yet another wonderful Android and iOS game produced by Supercell. Although the game is yet to be launched, it promises to be wildly successful like the other games produced by Supercell, with exceptional features that makes it the perfect game for you.

Brawl Stars is readily available in Android for users staying in Sweden, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Ireland, Macau, Canada, Denmark, Finland, and Hong Kong. While it is also available for iOS in Norway, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Ireland. Nevertheless, you can also make a pre-registration to enable you download the official game when it is eventually launched in December.

So What is Brawl Stars?
In simple words, when you think about Brawl stars, what comes to mind is, hero-based multiplayer online battle arena. In this game, players get to fight a 3v3 battle showdown using any of the special in-built characters, each possessing a unique ability and combat fighting style.

The best part about brawl stars is the wonderful features like the multiple game modes, achievements, leaderboards and many more which offers players a better gaming experience. In a way, you can consider brawl stars as a classic cartoon 3v3 battle royale. Each team in brawl stars consists of three players that must fight against another team of three players in a battle arena.

Like other combat games, there is always a goal, and the goal of each battle is to completely takeout the other team players(enemies) with any of your fighters, collecting gems, stars, treasures, and crystals in the process which are used for upgrades and skins. You can win the game easily by destroying enemy mines, or simply killing all three enemy characters. However, the method of winning also depends on the game mode you are playing.

Brawl Stars Game Modes
Upon the release of the soft launch, four primary modes were designed. Although they are the main modes, they have been changed recently, and may still go through more changes before the game officially goes public. It is still currently undergoing soft launch beta testing.

Bounty: Collect as many stars as possible by eliminating the enemies, but you must ensure you don’t get picked off by the opponent. The team with the highest number of stars at the end of the battle wins!

Smash & Grab: Obtain the highest number of Crystals from the center of the map, while trying to defeat the opposing team. The first team to obtain 10 crystals and not lose them wins the game.

Heist: Break open the safe your enemies protect, or prevent your valuables and crystals from the opposing team (safe crackers). You have barely few minutes to escape with the loot to win the game!

Showdown: This is the best of them all. A total of ten players are dropped into an area that shrinks slowly. Your task is to remain the only Brawler left standing.

In this mode, players can collect coins, crystals, Elixir, and chips to enable them unlock new characters. You can also get upgrades, and change skins, and other special features. In showdown mode, you can play solo or with friends. Unlike other Supercell games, showdown mode presents the opportunity to join other band of Brawlers instead of joining a clan. Here, you can fight for a spot on the leaderboard and get the opportunity of being the best Brawler.

Note: Although Brawl Stars is free to play, there are, however, a lot of in-app purchases available as like other Supercell games. And again, players get the opportunity to spend real money to build their characters, get upgrades, better weapons, and skins.

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