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Buckle Up To Brawl The Arena – Supercell To Release Their Latest Game This December

More than a year passed by and it is about time for Supercell to get wrapped up with their soft and beta launches across selected parts of the globe. The global launch is due in a few days and the developing team is working very hard to incorporate to the final changes into the game.

Is Supercell going to storm the world of mobile gaming again?

Well at least the predictions from the soft launch are hinting something like that. There has been over 3 million downloads just during the soft launch period, bagging in over $6.5 million just from the selected zones. Of course with such promising statistics, there can be no less expectations that can set for Brawl Stars. What is more is that the app has crossed the mark of 5 million on pre-registration features just within 24 hours of the feature launch.

Other Supercell games that blew the market
Supercell has already brought in 4 games on mobile gaming platforms all of which have brought immense success.

Clash of Clans (CoC) – where players need to develop bases, train troops and fight against global players to attack, plunder and loot their bases.
Hay Day – a premium farming game that helped Supercell earn over $30 millions in less than one month.
⦁ Boom Beach – a massively played multiplayer online game requiring players to develop real time strategies.
Clash Royale (CR) – a real time arena battle royale card games game where players collect cards to upgrade characters’ strength and features and use them for real time battle against other players.

CoC still continues to hold its place as one of the most grossing games even after 6 years of its release on the global platforms.

Brawl Stars
The name of the game is derived from the name of the characters in general – brawlers. To be very frank, clear and direct this game is a combination of three of the top grossing games of all times – Fortnite, Overwatch and Supercell’s very own game, Clash Royale. From the soft and beta launch, Supercell has made it loud and clear that this game is going to be featured on online Battle Royale features. With 19 distinguished characters already launched, more characters are expected to come up the global launch. The developers have been carrying out tests and bringing in modifications for nearly 18 months now.

Game Modes
The game currently supports 4 different modes, each designed with their own set of objectives and features. One mode, the Bounty asks players to compete in a time limited battle to collect starts just like CR. Smash & Grab is another mode that requires player to collect and hold on to 10 crystals while competing with other players. The first one to collect the required crystal count qualifies as the winner. The third mode named as the Heist mode sets objective to crack open the safe of the opponent team while safeguarding their own. The game also comes with a Showdown mode where each player competes against 9 other players in a real time battle royale arena.
The game supports solo mode objectives as well as allows the players to form a team of up to 3 brawlers with 2 other real time players to compete in 3V3 missions. They can unlock new characters and other contents by winning battles and collecting collectibles or by opening chests that can be found by completing achievements and events. Of course the game speed can be boosted up by in-game purchase of gems but that is not really necessary.

Get ready for the all new brawling actions and start the countdown.

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