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The Brawlers in Brawl Stars – choose your character before the game is released

Supercell is all set to make their latest release and take the mobile gaming market back to their disposal. While Clash of Clans still continues to be one of the top grossing mobile games, Supercell is about to make global release of a new multiplayer top-view shooting game known as Brawl Stars. The developer had made a soft launch of the game along with a beta launch in specific regions of the world in June 2017 and the stage is all set for the global launch of the game.

Brawlers in the game:
The characters in the game are named as Brawlers, thus the name Brawl Stars. 19 distinguished Brawlers have been brought in till now during the soft launch and beta launch of the game that can be unlocked by making progress to the game play. Though more Brawlers may be added to the game before the public release, the main Super of the current Brawlers are discussed below:

  • Shell Shock (Shelly) – slows enemies down for 3 seconds
  • Slick Boots (Colt) – has springy boots to increase movement speeds
  • Bear With Me (Nita) – Gains 180 health when bear damages an enemy and bear regains health when she deals damage
  • Dyna-Jump (Dynamike) – concussive force to propel himself in air or over walls or attack with great force
  • El Fuego (El Primo) – comes in as a comet and enemies deal burn damage over 5 seconds
  • Berserker (Bull) – double reload speed below 30% health
  • Incendiary (Brock) – delivers 160 area damage per second by main attack rockets
  • Medical use (Barley) – regains 100 health by tossing bottles from main attacks
  • Energize (Jessie) – sock rifle to hit turret and regain 600 health
  • Super Bouncy (Ricochet) – attacks and bullets deal more damage by picking up speed after first bounce
  • Swan Song (Poco) – friendly brawlers recover 1000 health when he dies swan song on death
  • Circling Eagle (Bo) – surveillance on hidden enemies and spot them in bushes
  • Steel Hoops (Darryl) – 70% reduced damage taken due to barrel shield during rolls
  • Ambush (Piper) – deals 400 damage by setting ambush while hiding in bush
  • Mama’s Hug (Pam) – heals 30 health for full team with each hit by the scapstorm on enemies
  • Creepy Harvest (Mortis) – restore 1200 health by reaping souls of defeated Brawlers
  • Black Portal (Tara) – dimensional portal to bring in a shadowy version for attacking enemies
  • Fertilize (Spike) – regenerates health at a rate of 600 per second in the effective area of Super
  • Extra Toxic (Crow) – poisons enemy to reduce enemy strength by 10%

Upgrades can be made to all the Brawlers to make them faster, stronger and better. Most players love to play in specific styles and choose to play with particular characters though such a wide list is available at their disposal.

Warning for Android users
It is advisable for all Android users to not download the APK for the game unless the official release of Brawl Stars by Supercell. The release is scheduled to come up by December, 2018 and players should wait till then. Numerous fake apps have come up in the name of ‘Brawl Stars’ that are available widely on the internet. Not only these apps are unsafe for your device but also can provide you a worse experience that you should actually be expecting for the game.

When you permit an APK file the access to your phone by clicking the pop ups during the installation process, it can be greatly harmful for your device. Some may be harmless but many other versions may have the ability to install malicious codes on the smartphone or tablet device. Though an APK file for Android users are available in selected parts of the world, the release has not been made global yet. There are restrictions on the legit file of the game and it is just about time that it is going to be available for all.

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